Life Design Hub

We built the Life Design Hub because we wanted to create an easy to use platform that provides everything you need to know about Life Design, all in one place. Whether you're interested in teaching Life Design or you want to go through the process yourself, its all here. Let's go through some of the key principles underpinning the Life Design approach to personal development.

What is LiFE DESiGN?

Life Design supports both your professional and personal development. Whether you’re certain of what you would like to do with your future, don’t have a clue or somewhere in between, we have created an approach that can help. Life Design allows you to work out how to design and create a career and lifestyle that works for you. We are here to guide you through this process and we will also give you the tools you need to empower others to make sense of their future.


Life Design’s core principles are grounded in the disciplines of design and positive psychology. Positive psychology is the branch of psychology that is interested in achieving a satisfactory life. While design can be viewed as the process of turning existing situations into preferred ones. Life Design workshops use interactive exercises that encourage you to apply key principles from these fields to understand your current situation and make informed decisions about your future.

Life Design Process

The Life Design Process consists of 4 simple phases. These phases are based on the approach designers take to problem solving. First you gather lots of information about the problem you wish you solve. Next you generate possible ideas for the solution. The third phase involves working out how to get from the current situation to the solution. Finally, you take action and make progress towards the solution,


Discover meaningful and useful insights about yourself that can be used to form a better understanding of your values, skills and aspirations.


Explore possible future scenarios that the you may wish to pursue. Having gained a stronger understanding of yourself, you can now shape a future scenario that aligns with your values.


You have discovered where you are right now and where you want to be. Now its time to consider what steps should be taken to close the gap.


You are now well informed and ready to take action.