What are your roles?

Let's start thinking about the different roles you have in your life.

I spend about half of my time delivering workshops and the other half managing a website. These are two very different roles requiring different skills associated with them. There are things that I like and dislike about both of these roles. I also have other roles that are less professional, I'm a partner, a friend, a musician and a gamer. Each of these roles offers different skills, what are the different roles you have in your life?


Download the worksheet here

So you’re working on getting the qualifications, but will you have the experience? This exercise is for anyone who is worried that they don’t yet have any skills or experience.

How many different roles do you have in your life?

son  ·  sister  ·  employee  ·  mother  ·   writer ·  gamer  ·   designer  ·  musician  ·   friend  ·   sportsperson  ·   partner  ·   boss  ·   father  ·   coach  ·   mentor  ·   leader  ·   housemate

It’s designed to encourage you to record information about the different roles you have in your life. It involves identifying your roles in addition to being a student, then listing the aspects that you are happy with and unhappy with about these roles. You can also consider the skills that the role allows you to engage in.


- Recognise the experience that you already have.
- Identify the skills that each of your roles gives you.

I Understand!