What impression do you want to give?

It can sometimes be difficult to view yourself objectively. This exercise is designed to allow you to capture the words that others might use to describe you and to learn about the impression you're leaving on the world around you. The exercise encourages self-reflection and a heightened awareness of the impression you leave on people around you.


Download the worksheet here

First, you are asked to record three words that best describe you and place them on the left hand side of the page. Next, think of something that is important to you and that you are comfortable talking about for thirty seconds.

Now its time for some speed networking. Take turns speaking for 30 seconds while the person opposite listens and records your name and a first impression on a sticky note. Then they speak for 30 seconds while you write down their name and a first impression.



The result is a stack of impressions from those around you. What do you think contributed to their decisions to use those words?

The most obvious answer is the topic that you decide to talk about. Talking about your friends and family can lead to words like caring. Talking about sports can lead to words like active. Talking about your work can lead to words like dedicated or hard working.

There are other ways that you leave an impression.

- Learn about the impression you leave on those around you
- Consider the ways that you leave an impression

Presenter Tips:
- Judge how comfortable people are feeling during this exercise and adjust the number of rotations accordingly.

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