What is the purpose of a presentation?

This short explanation provides an overview of what a presentation is trying to achieve and the steps you can take to achieve this.

The goal for any presentation is to pass on information. You know some stuff about a thing and you need to share that stuff with others, so you present it. The information in question could be anything. Perhaps your task is to explain a topic, or provide a breakdown of your skills, or share your progress on a project, or a description of your cat Henry. A presentation allows you to deliver this information to multiple people all at once; your audience.


You could spend hours giving your audience a complete overview of Henry’s sleeping patterns, but if they can’t recall it afterwards then it hasn’t been a very effective presentation. It’s not enough to simply inform your audience, a good presentation keeps your audience engaged so that they absorb the information.


There are three simple stages to this process. First, you need to identify the information you want to share, next you work out what order you’re going to share it (i.e. the narrative), and finally what methods you’re going to use to deliver it most effectively.



The other exercises in this set will support you through each of these tasks, providing you with multiple ways to approach constructing and delivering your presentation.

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